Film & Music:

Woh Ek Din – On That Day (2017)

Director: Prabhat Ojha
Writer & Producer: Santonu Kumar Dhar

Concept: Ranjit Choudhary

Starring: Amardeep Kaur SyanRanjit ChoudharySangeeta Srivastava


Raju came to Mumbai chasing a dream of becoming an actor in Bollywood film industry. Sadly he was not able to get any role in films and chose driving an auto-rickshaw to survive. One day, he finds one of his passengers to be no ordinary girl. Sharing the day with her leads him to realize that he left behind responsibilities which he can’t avoid.

The Last Train (2016)

Director: Arghya Basu
Writer & Producer: Santonu Kumar Dhar

Concept:  Jyotirmoy Pal

Director Of Photography: Avi Bandyopadhyay

Cast: Dipto Chatterjee, Rituraj Pal, Sofia Arfeen khan, Gopa Chatterjee & others.

Rajib returned to his village after ten years of pursuing his medical career. The last train of the night brought him to the station just before midnight. Uneasy in a place feeling more like a dark memory that home, he met a young boy named Piku who reminded him the reason for his journey home. With thoughts of his forced marriage and compromises made for educational pursuits, Rajib struggles with himself and then encounters something he had never expected.