The Effort - A Novel

Apu is small. A nine year old boy celebrating another birthday after his mother's death, he wants his Papa to stop grieving and start living. But fate had different plans for the father and son. When Deepak loses his job and his ability to care for his son, Apu steps in and does his best to earn money and the respect of both his father and uncle. With his mother's spirit guiding him to nurse his father back to health, Apu's fortune and failure makes him grow leaps and bounds ahead of his peers. In the end, he truly understands that success comes from nothing else but a strong will determination and effort.

Throughout the book, Apu has setbacks. As his father calls him a hero many times, the reader is rooting for him to achieve the goals he sets for himself. We want Apu to win and make his father well. But he is not a doctor. The cost of surgery is enormous for a boy of his age. We find with reading Apu’s efforts, becoming a man has little to do with the growth of a small boys stature, and more to do with growth inside ones heart.

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